How Can I overcome Temptation?

I tried my best to avoid those temptations.
I admitted that I am addicted to porn and alcohol.
my body is always looking for it. I feel irritated when I can’t drink alcohol for a day.
I can’t also sleep when I don’t watch porn.

I attempt to consult a doctor but I felt ashamed of what I did if they are going to ask me a question.
I want to stop this but my mind keeps thinking about those things.
Please give me some advice on how can avoid this.


Try to consult a doctor so that they can give you some pieces of advice that help you to overcome that temptation. or try to have counseling and Keep praying to God.
Because nothing is impossible with the divine power of God.

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Let God be the center of your life, Believe and have faith in Him, because nothing is impossible with God when believe in Him.

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Try to divert your attention to the other things, that can help you to overcome those temptations like doing exercise, praying, or going to church.

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For me i went thru some of this years ago and know others as well so there are a couple of things that help. First remember that you are a slave to this stuff if you dont stop. You do it but you have to do it again and again and it never really satisfies. You have been beaten by an enemy. So don’t let the enemy win. It tries to take your life. They have pills that will absolutely stop you from drinking… i think its anabuse. Really works - you get sick if you drink. Porn is a lie. Women dont really act that way - it seeks to attack your dopamine production which addicts you. You need to win the war by just flat stopping - give the “fasting” to God as a gift. Look up a “dopamine fast” on youtube - interesting stuff. It actually gets easier. Finally replace your two “hobbies” with something or someone far more healthy. Stay busy. Remember you can only think of one thing at a time… so divert your mind. Win the war of the mind.


Always seek and pray to God that He will be going to help you
to overcome those temptations.
And guide you to the right path.

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Thank you so much for all your message.
For the encouraging word that you give.
I appreciate it and I will try to do what your advised on me.
God bless us all.