How can I avoid to have conflict with my family?

There are times when my brothers and I don’t get along, I understand them because they don’t have a job, and they also help me when I don’t have a job, but it’s tiring sometimes, you just always understand them.

They don’t want to grow, they prefer to stay with what they are used to.
How can I teach them? What about myself?


Communication is key to avoiding conflicts within families. Be honest and clear in your communication, and try to listen actively and empathetically to the perspectives of others.

It’s normal to experience disagreements or tension within families. By communicating openly and honestly, setting boundaries, practicing empathy and understanding, finding common ground, and taking breaks when necessary, you can reduce the likelihood of conflicts and manage them in a healthy way when they do arise.

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Conflicts are a normal part of family life, and it’s okay to disagree with your family members. However, by practicing good communication skills, and approaching conflicts with empathy and understanding, you can minimize conflicts and maintain healthy relationships with your family members.

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