Have you ever run out of what will you say?

Have you ever run out of what will you say? The kind of feeling where you just quit all of a sudden to end the conversation. When you can’t even think about what you are going to answer to them.
You think that you are weak because you just keep silent and don’t reply or answer they think that you already lose. No, you are NOT lost. Sometimes we have to be silent first. Think and pray to God what should come out of our mouth So that, What comes out of our mouth is a blessing and not a painful word that we can regret just because we are the type of people who rush to make some word that we don’t mind hurting the feeling of others.

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I always like this especially when I talk to a person who is some shit or nonsense.
I choose to remain silent than talk back to them.
And stay away from that person.
Will I want to live in peace I don’t want to hear those unpleasant words?