Have you ever gotten to the point where you just don't want to?

Has it ever happened that you wake up one morning and feel like you don’t want to get up anymore because the events in your life seem to be repeating themselves over and over again? Unchanging. Nothing is expected to be good.

You seem to feel tired of everything that you don’t want to continue living in this world.
I experience this before, It’s like I am carrying a heavy burden and I can get out of that.
I cried a lot until I learned to get closer to God begging Him to help me with the burden that I carried because I can’t do it anymore.
And God didn’t disappoint me. He answered my prayer and now I am all good.
Thanks to God for not leaving me.

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I always like this when I don’t fully know God and neglect God in my life.
But when I learned to trust God and let Him help me everything all this negativity disappeared everything changed and all I have right now is the strength and courage that God has given to me.

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Amen,Thank you Jacqueline_Charity for Sharing your Spiritual Experience and the Grace you Receive.