Do you know yourself completely?

Have you reached the point in your life where you ask yourself who am I?
Sometimes I wonder who I am because I don’t trust myself, I have doubts that I can’t reach my dreams, and I don’t have any courage to keep going.
Sometimes I feel like I don’t know myself anymore because of what I do.
I felt like there is a lot of hindrances in my towards my goals.

What is your life story?
Do you know yourself completely?


Spend some time reflecting on your past experiences, your values, your beliefs, and your personality traits. Ask yourself questions such as: What are my strengths and weaknesses? What are my passions and interests? What are my fears and insecurities? What are the experiences that have shaped me? What are the values that are most important to me?

Ask friends, family members, or mentors to provide feedback on your personality traits, strengths, and areas of improvement. This feedback can provide valuable insights that you may not have considered before.

Same here, sometimes I lose control to myself.
I had a lot of doubts before, I tried my best that I can overcome it.
Here I am no more doubts to myself.