Can you share the secret of a strong marriage?

As a new married, I can’t help thinking what if my marriage failed?
What if I can’t do my role as a husband? A lot of what if’s in my mind.
Can you share the secret of a strong marriage?

Anyway were good with my partner the problem is my self I am an overthinker person especially since a lot of couples around me got divorced since their marriage are not working.
I don’t want it to happen in marriage since I value a lot having a complete family.


building a strong marriage is an ongoing process that requires effort, commitment, and the willingness to grow and adapt together. Each partner should be willing to support and nurture the relationship, acknowledging that a healthy marriage takes time, patience, and love.

Respect and trust is one of the secret strong marriage.
Respect your spouse or support her/him decision if it’s good for your family. If you have any understanding fix it before the sun rise again.
Also put God be the center of your marriage because with God nothing is impossible.