Can someone believe in God but not attend church?

Yes, it is possible for someone to believe in God or hold religious or spiritual beliefs without regularly attending church or participating in organized religious activities.

Some individuals may have a personal preference for private or individual expressions of faith. They may find meaning, connection, and fulfillment in their personal spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, reflection, or other forms of worship, without feeling the need to participate in organized religious activities.

It’s essential to respect and honor the diverse beliefs, practices, and choices of individuals when it comes to their expressions of faith or spirituality.

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Some individuals may have busy life circumstances, such as work, family commitments, or health issues, that may make it difficult for them to attend church regularly or at all.
The important is you have faith and trust in God.

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The main purpose of church is to strengthen the saints (believers of the gospel), so permit me to say it’s is necessary we do, it’s a holy practice if we do, and churches are meant to teach us the doctrines of christ.
Like Kenneth.E.Hagin will say find a gospel filled church, that teaches the sincere ways and doctrine of God