Can it be right to be unkind to others?

It is not right to be unkind to others. As humans, we have a responsibility to show kindness and concern to others. In our society, working together and taking care of each other is important to maintain everyone’s strength and comfort.

Not having mercy on others can cause disintegration in society and cause pain and poverty to people who are not given help and support. As individuals, we must work together to preserve the condition of our neighbors and society as a whole.

So we should consider being compassionate to others as an important part of our humanity and the strengthening of our society.


Treating others with kindness and respect is an important aspect of being a compassionate and empathetic person. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own struggles and challenges, and being unkind to others can cause harm and unnecessary pain. While it is okay to assert boundaries and stand up for oneself, doing so in a respectful and compassionate manner is always preferable to being unkind.

Treating others with kindness and respect is generally the right thing to do, and can contribute to a more positive and supportive environment for everyone.

It depends on the situations, there are times that take advantage your kindness so you need keep distance from that person.