Asking some advice to become a Better Person

Why? That’s the question that always stuck in my mind every day. Why do I always get easily give up on everything? Why do I quickly get hurt, tired, and hopeless? A lot of questions are stuck in my mind.
I know that God never leaves or forsakes me when I am down. I know God is always there to lift me. And guide me to the right path in my life.

Please give me some advice that can help me to improve myself and to have a strong faith in God.

How much do you pray and how much do you read / listen to and study the Bible? You need both of these elements to even have a leg to stand on in your Christian Journey…

Romans 10:17
Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the Word of God.

Listen to…

if you want to become stronger you must learn who your real enemy is. You must also learn how to fight

God Bless