Are you struggling?

Are you struggling?
Just think that God won’t give you that problem if you can’t handle it.
No matter what happens, as long as you have faith in God, nothing is impossible.
GOD is a faithful listener He turns His ears to you constantly. He always answers your request maybe not with a yes but always w/ what is best.


I am :sob: :sob: :sob: I want someone who are willing to hear all my story and struggle in life, I can’t take it anymore.
Someone who I can share my burden and heavy heart.
Someone to enlighten me :sob: :sob:

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Hello Kathline, you can share here by the way. This platform are very welcome to everyone. And you know what Kathline have you ever tried to talk Jesus? Jesus will never judge you and in fact he will listen to you. Open Bible and share with him your problems, promise to you it will help.

I am struggling right now! I can’t help questioning God why?
Why He allow us to suffer, I feel devastated since my mother died.
I don’t even know until now what future awaits for us after this storm :sob: :sob: