Are you struggling with anything today?

Yes, I am struggling with our finances since my mother has an illness and my father has severe arthritis that causes him to struggle in walking and makes him stop going to work.
How I wish I can sustain their needs but my salary is not enough for their needs. I can only provide them with their medicine.

May the Lord God will provide us with His boundless blessings and cured my parent’s illness.
So that they will not suffer anymore.


Yes, I am, but I believe that no matter what I’ve been through this time God will lift me from this darkest day of my life. I believe that He will guide me to the right path and give me the light to get out of my suffering.
I have hope in God because He is my hope and strength.

Yes, I can’t help crying last night, I felt like I can carry my burden.
I know everyone is struggling with finances and I am one of them. The doctor says that they are to operate on my mother since The tumor in her lungs is growing.
I don’t know where I can find help for the payment of her operations.

I am struggling with my anxiety lately, I’ve had a hard time sleeping since last week, I don’t know the reason why there’s so much going on in my mind.
I know for myself that that thing is pointless.
Please help me to pray that it will go away.