You need to keep moving forward even if it is the small steps every day

Having trials and failures in life is normal and everyone experiences them. But, as human beings, we know that these problems of life often weaken us even though we know that after trials, we have a lesson to learn.
During times of loneliness and it seems that no one wants to listen or empathize with you, always remember that you have God with you who is ready to respond to your grievances.

Falling is normal, but remember that you have to get back up and pick up every lesson it leaves behind.
You need to keep moving forward even if it is the small steps every day.
Keep fighting and work for your future.


Trials are companions of our life as long as we live we do not lose trials in life.
It is up to us how to solve and overcome it.
But if we trust in God, all those trials will be ignored because we know that God is there to guide us.


You are right Alessandro, trials are always there in our lives as long as we still live.
Sometimes we can’t avoid asking God why us.
Why we are the ones who suffered not other people?
Because God has a bigger plan for us, if we don’t insist on our plan we can’t also suffer if stick to the of God.

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No matter how hard life is. We have to keep going and fight, let’s just think that there are many more good things to come in our lives.
Let’s keep holding on to the promises of God and let’s wait for the right time that He will give to us.