You gave me the wisdom and knowledge that I need

Nothing is impossible for you Lord because who would think that someone like me who has no wealth and talent to be proud of in the world has fulfilled my dream of helping my parents and siblings although it’s a small help I am happy seeing the smile on their faces.

It’s all thanks to You Lord for guiding me and never forsaking me in the times that I need you.
You gave me the wisdom and knowledge that I need.
All praise is yours only Lord God.
Thank you so much :pray:

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God says that we never worried because He is there for us.
I am happy for you that you can help your family unlike me I help them but they did not appreciate what I’ve done for them.
I felt hurt thinking about their attitude toward me.

Everything is not enough for them. what can I do, do I need to give them off I have them.
I also feel tired knowing that I work hard but have nothing left in me.
All I want is for them to see my worth and they can appreciate me.