You can depend on God

God’s faithfulness is unwavering, and His love is never-ending. You can wholeheartedly depend on Him in every circumstance of life.
He is your rock in times of uncertainty, your refuge in moments of trouble, and your source of strength when you feel weak.
Lean on His promises, for they are the foundation of your faith.

No matter what challenges you face, know that you have a dependable and loving God who will guide your through. Trust in His wisdom, rely on His grace, and rest in His embrace, for in Him, you find unwavering support and everlasting peace.


Indeed, you can depend on God.
trust in God’s dependability, and let this knowledge fill your heart with hope and courage. Whatever you face, know that you can depend on His presence and His unwavering love to see you through.

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May you always find the reassurance and peace that come from knowing you can depend on God, no matter what challenges or joys life may bring. His love and support are unwavering, and with Him, you are never alone.