You are truly my great comfort

While reading all the posts here I cried. I’m the same way. I felt so heavy. I feel like I want to cry and scream and run to the Lord. The weight is just so heavy. But nothing is difficult for the Lord all things are possible to Him. I know all the weight I feel. He can ease it. Truly he is our great comfort.

I will trust you Lord with all my heart from starting today I surrender all my worries and burdens to You Lord.
I believe that you will help me because You love unconditionally.
You are truly my great comfort.

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One of my comforts is listening to a worship song until my heart is at peace.
Also watching some motivational videos.

The other things that will give comfort in me is eating some Ice cream :rofl: anyway it helps me a lot.
You should also try that. :blush: