You are the greatest of all Father God, may you continue to guide and protect us

You are the greatest of all Father God, you always look at us your children, listen to our complaints and prayers, you never leave us, and you always forgive us who repeat our sins, you should be worshiped and praised forever.

Thank you very much for your continued guidance and love for us.
Thank you so much for everything you have given to all of us and to those who are yet to come, may our times be bright in the darkness of others.

I’m sorry for the sins and wrongs I’ve done to my neighbors, especially to my wife and children and mother-in-law, especially to you, may they forgive me for my wrongs to them and to you, forgive me, Father God. Amen!

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God always forgives us, but we made mistakes again and again even though we already know that it is not good for us.
We made mistakes because we are not contented with what we had right now, we keep asking God for more.
Please learned to be contented!

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