You are brave because you managed to do it alone

You have a lot of courage. You overcome the many trials and problems you have, you faced them alone. Even if you want to rest, here you are, still fighting every day and continuing to get up even when it’s so hard.

I hope even though it’s hard, don’t lose hope.
I hope God will heal you whatever you are feeling right now. You will get through it all. You are brave because you managed to do it alone.


Yes! To all the people who are struggling out there, I know you can manage to overcome your hardship because not all the time you will experience difficulties.
Remember there’s always a rainbow after the storm.

It takes a lot of courage to do things alone, sometimes we are wondering if we are deserve to be alone but with our faith in God that He is with us. We manage to overcome those hardship.
You are not alone God is with you!