Worship song is one of my comfort when I am down

When I don’t feel like praying because of trials, worship songs are one of the things I turn to so I can find true worship again.
I am grateful to the people who made a worship song.
A big thumbs up to you guys, I salute in you
Thank you because you reminded us of the love of God towards us through music.

May the Lord God will shower His abundant blessings on you and give you guidance and knowledge to make a more inspiring song.
Thank you everyone for the wonderful songs for the Lord that strengthen us. God is good all the time.

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Same with me, every time I felt like I was going to give up God always give the sign that life is wonderful and there are a lot of things will gonna happen to us if we continue to believe in Him.

I always listen to a worship song when I am down and have no one to turn to.
It’s my comfort.