With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II it has brought back to the surface who is next in line to the throne. With Charles ascending the throne this means William is next in line. Why not Prince Andrew?

Can someone explain the criteria for the succession process of the royal lineage? Also, do all monarchies work this way?

I believe it is because Charles is the Queen’s eldest son. William is Charles’s son so he is next in line of succession after Charles. George(I think) is William’s eldest son so he is next in line. Oh, I think if it were a girl, she would be next in line…am not sure without Googling if this was always the case.
However, I think the line of succession can also go ‘sideways’ as it were, should someone die and there is no-one else (or perhaps if the heir to the throne is too mentally incapable or whatever to become monarch It can be a bit complex, depending on various things…but basicall tyhe succession goes down directtly from the monarch.

If you Google it, you will find much more definitive information. I am British, but haven’t looked into it too closely.