Why should we read the bible?

There are several reasons why reading the Bible can be beneficial.

  1. Understanding God’s message: The Bible is the primary source of God’s message to humanity. Reading the Bible can help you understand God’s plan for the world and the role you play in it.
  2. Guidance and wisdom: The Bible provides guidance and wisdom for everyday life. It contains practical advice on how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and how to navigate challenges and difficult situations.
  3. Spiritual growth: Reading the Bible can help you grow spiritually by deepening your relationship with God and increasing your understanding of His character and nature.
  4. Historical and cultural context: The Bible provides valuable insights into the history and culture of the people and places of its time. This can help you gain a deeper appreciation for the context and background of the Bible’s teachings.
  5. Inspiration: The Bible contains stories of people who overcame challenges, demonstrated courage and perseverance, and showed great faith. Reading these stories can inspire you to overcome your own challenges and pursue a life of faith and purpose.

Reading the Bible can be a transformative experience that can deepen your faith, provide guidance and wisdom, and inspire you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Reading the bible we can know more God and gained more wisdom and knowledge about our savior.
I encourage everyone to read the bible everyday.