Why It's Better to be Single | 4 Reasons

Some of us choose to be single why?

Most of the time when they become single, they are busy people in their lives, they forget that they are getting older and they don’t give time to themselves because they prioritize their work over themselves.

Others choose to be single because they are afraid of being hurt or they have been hurt in their past relationship, they are afraid to try again because they don’t want to be hurt anymore.

It depends on us if we choose to be single for life and focus on work or our nieces or family.
We all have free will to choose what we want in our lives.

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Dude! I don’t want to be single in this life :smiley: :smiley:
Since I know how hard life living alone when you get older like my aunt. She’s struggling when no one is by her side when she gets sick. Although sometimes we visited and took care of her after that we need to go back to our work.

Gosh! I can’t imagine living alone, I want to see my grandchildren or child.
I want to see what they looked like.