Why do Christian Pastors Insist on collecting Tithes of 10% today when it is not the law for us?

Why do they(Pastors) still continue collecting 10% tithes from their congregations when tithing is not a law for Christians, but the law for the early Israelites or Levites during the time of Moses. It is cited in Hebrew 7:5 that only the sons of Levites were ordered to collect 10% from their people. Aside from this issue, the law on tithing has been abolished since the old law of Israel was already changed to a new when the Jesus Christ was sent too earth by the Father. Aren’t these pastors committing sins or they have been corrupting materially for their own pleasure? Let’s face the truth coz the souls of their congregations are at stake to the path of damnation as they are being led by thieves of the their church. hence, the bible cites in Matthew 14:15 that if the blind is led by the blind leader both of them will plunge too the pit. Wake up sleeping followers don’t be misled, read the truth in the bible.

Tithing is often used to support the mission and vision of the church. It allows churches to carry out their mission of spreading the Gospel, supporting local and global missions, and serving the community.

I also preach online as part of my mission to fulfill the task I claim as a gift in our church(that is written in the bible) which is cited in the bible to preach the word, and I don’t ask money despite my needs and it’s so difficult but I am exerting more even if I can’t afford to go out.
However, It seems that your mission is not biblical as you are violating or breaking the laws in the bible. You don’t follow what the bible says. What therefore is the sense of your mission if the word of God is not preached?
(please bear with me to rebuke you and others as this is also part that done by believers in the bible)
Your objective is not according to the will of God because what the bible wants for believers to do is help others who are in need and not help the purse of the missionaries. Otherwise, exercise the gift given in the church. The bible also teaches the true believers and those professed pastors to fund for their works in order to propagate the gospel and not to depend from others’ fund for the mission. Hence, support should come from within your own church as the early believers who preached did not get anything from the people 3John 1:7.

Therefore, the supposed main mission of believers is to preach the gospel and help the poor. It is also cited in the bible, i.e., if you’re in the true church we must follow and obey the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ written in the bible.