When you're weak, God is with you

When you feel your strength waning and the weight of life’s challenges bearing down on you, remember that God is your refuge and your fortress. In your weakness, His strength shines the brightest. Lean on Him, for His grace is sufficient to carry you through. He is the unshakable foundation on which you can stand firm. Your weaknesses are an opportunity for God to display His mighty power.

So, in moments of frailty, surrender your burdens to Him and find renewed strength in His love and care.

May you find the strength to persevere and overcome every obstacle with God’s unwavering support, knowing that He is always with you, especially when you’re at your weakest.

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When you feel weak, remember that God’s strength is limitless. In your moments of vulnerability, His presence becomes your greatest source of empowerment. Lean on Him, and you will find the inner strength to overcome any obstacle. You are never alone in your weakness; God is with you, lifting you up.