When you are weary, seek God He will give you rest

“When you are weary, seek God; He will give you rest.”

This is a beautiful and encouraging message that highlights the importance of turning to a higher power for solace and renewal during times of exhaustion and weariness.
It reminds us that in moments of fatigue or struggle, seeking spiritual nourishment and rest can rejuvenate our spirits and provide the strength needed to carry on.
Trusting in God’s restorative power can be a source of comfort and hope in challenging times.


It reminds us that God is a source of rest for the weary soul, offering peace and renewal even in the midst of life’s challenges.

When you feel overwhelmed or drained, take a moment to seek God through prayer, meditation, or reflection. Finding that spiritual connection can bring a sense of calm and inner peace, helping you recharge and face the challenges of life with renewed energy and determination.


When you are weary, seek God, for He will give you rest. In moments of fatigue and struggle, turn to His comforting presence, and you’ll find the peace and rejuvenation your soul craves. His love is an endless wellspring of strength and solace.