When I am afraid, I put my trust in you

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

The verse acknowledges that fear is a natural human emotion. It recognizes that there are moments when we may feel afraid or anxious. Fear can arise form various sources, including difficult circumstances, uncertainties, or threats.
rusting in God involves surrendering our fears and concerns to Him, believing that He is capable of providing comfort, guidance, and protection.

By placing their trust in God, the psalmist finds strength and reassurance. Trusting in God allows them to overcome fear and move forward with confidence. It demonstrates a deep conviction that God is a source of security, refuge, and peace even in the midst of troubling circumstances.

It encourages us to shift our focus from our worries and concerns to the one who is greater and more powerful. By entrusting ourselves to God, we can find courage, peace, and strength to face our fears and navigate through challenging situations.


Trusting in God doesn’t mean that fear will automatically vanish, but it means that we can face our fears with the confidence that comes from knowing that God is by our side. He offers guidance, comfort, and the assurance that He is working for our good.

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May you find comfort and strength in putting your trust in God when fear arises. May His presence calm your heart and bring you peace. Trust that He is with you, and He will guide you through every fear and challenge you face.