When Healing Doesn’t Happen (Holy Spirit Showed Me This)

This video helps me a lot to realized how great God is.
Sometimes when we ask God for healing and strength but not everything we ask is in accordance with what we asked God.
That’s why we can’t avoid feeling hopeless.

But always remember that God grants your prayers at the right time.
Everything that happens to us has a purpose and lesson to learn.


Thank you for sharing this.
Healing doesn’t always happen in the way we expect, but we can trust in God’s plan for our lives and find comfort in His love and presence.


God’s plan is greater than our own. While we may want healing, God’s plan for our lives may be different that what we expect. Trust God has a purpose for our lives and that He is with us, even in times of suffering.


We can still find hope and comfort in God. Even if our prayers for healing aren’t answered in the way we hoped, we can find hope and comfort in God’s love and presence in our lives.

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Healing can come in many forms. Even if physical healing doesn’t happen, there can still be healing in other areas of our lives, such as emotional or spiritual healing.