What is your view on females being pastors?

Some denominations allow this and others do not. I know the Southern Baptist Convention is pretty hardcore in not allowing it.

Females not being pastors (elders) is a touchy subject. It is Biblical, yet we are also told to speak the truth in love. I preach and teach in an expository manner, and have for around 30 years. It must be addressed in context. Believing women are never downplayed in Scripture, nor are they viewed as unimportant or unloved. There is nothing we can really do if people are going to take the Bible out of context, ignore the authority of it, and elevate their feelings and the culture over the Bible.
Years ago I became the pastor of a church that had a rather liberal group in it…which I was not made aware of. After being there a few weeks, I stepped forward with a change. There was a nice lady there teaching a class with both men and women in it. There was no mens class. In a meeting with church teachers and other who wished to attend, I gently addressed the issue of where the New Testament Scripture in 1st Timothy 2:12 where the Apostle says he does not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man." The context is the gathered body of Christ, and God-honoring conduct of men and women. This in no way at all downplays the giftedness nor importance of women, but highlights the Lord’s plan and design that traces back to God’s created design in Adam and Eve. It is the Lord’s will that Godly men maintain their role as head or leaders, a reflection of the husband/father role. The women are to honor this, and not to seek or occupy the place that the Lord wills for men…even if men are not willing to step up and do it. While some see this as saying women cannot teach at all…the context does not suggest that. The flow of the text and the context strongly supports that it is talking about teaching/exercising authority (both) over men. It does not prevent women from teaching or fulfilling other roles of responsibility, and our godly women are to be prized and treasured for the blessing they are.
As I shared all of this as gently as i could, someone made the comment that there just aren’t any men to teach a class. I said that there were men who could, but they simply have not stepped up yet…and they need to.
After the meeting I did have a few upset with me. (Others told me.) However, I had not one, but two men come to me after the meeting. They admitted they felt guilty, and were now stepping up. Later that day, the lady who taught the Sunday school class came by our house to talk to me. She was very sweet…and honest. She said she had been teaching a good while, but…she didn’t know that was in the Bible. After the meeting she herself studied it. She agreed with me, and told others she did. Her class became a ladies class, and one of the men who came forward started a mens class.
While the small liberal group in the congregation did not like it, a group of men and women were stepping out to honor Biblical standards.