What is your plan in this Christmas?

We are planning to have a short vacation since we are all busy with our work.
One of the reasons why we don’t have time with our family, so this month our boss granted us 1 week’s vacation we grab these opportunities.

Now, my siblings are busy preparing their things because they are all excited.
I am hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter!
Advance Merry Christmas everyone!


I am hoping that I can be with my family this Christmas, but it seems impossible since we don’t have a Christmas vacation at my company.
The reason is Christmas is Sunday so on December 26 we need to back to our work.
But I am still thankful to God because I had work to sustain my family’s needs.

Staying in our house together with my family, I am already contented about this.
Celebrating Christmas with them spending time with them.
Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy and happiness.