We should stop worrying

I’ve been worrying about my life for nothing, after watching this sermon I realized that everything I worried about is meaningless.
I went through a lot of hardship even in my relationships that’s why I can’t avoid worrying too much about my future.
After watching this sermon, I know that God is with me to help me and lift me when I am down.
I should surrender my life to God because in Him nothing is impossible.


Surrender all your worries to God, He will be there to help you and lift you, whatever you encounter right now.
Life is full of hindrances but all we need to do is to Trust God.

A nice sermon I love Pastor Michael preaching the gospel. I can understand every detail of his preaching.
Thank you for sharing this.
It’s true that we should stop worrying about our problems because God has a better plan for our lives, those problems that we encounter only serve us a lesson in our lives to work hard.