Volunteer in our Community

Being a volunteer in our community is the best achievement that I have had in my life, especially when I saw those people’s genuine smiles after they receive some help. It made me work more and help those people who are in need.
Since when I was in secondary I started to volunteer in our community. Since my parents also doing this. I grew up seeing my parents doing some charity and volunteering in our community. They are the most kind person that I’ve known. I am proud of my parents.


May the Lord will your family with abundant blessings and also guide and protect your family against danger and harm.
Keep on helping people whose in need but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Because our health is important in everything.
God bless @cayla_elinor :heartbeat:

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It feels so good that many people want to help others. In our time right now, there are only a few people who want to volunteer as you did. Because all they want is to make money, they didn’t other people’s lives who need help. You had a good heart. May you continue doing that.
God bless you!

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