Visiting my Friend to their homes

My friend called me last night that she has a fever, so today I decided to visit her since she lives alone, I worried that for this hour she is not yet eating. I cooked some of her favorite food and soup for her.
I am hoping that she will regain her appetite so that she can speedy recovery.
I know living alone is hard especially when you’re not feeling well or get sick. her parents past away when we are in college due to car accidents, I know it is hard for her to accept that they are leaving early. But I believe that she can overcome this with the help of our God.

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I am praying for your friend’s speedy recovery, may the Lord will give her the strength that she needs for her speedy recovery.
I know it is hard living alone. Especially when you get sick, but always believe in God, because he is always by your side.
God bless you and your friend.