Trusting God for who He is and His Word for what it is

dearest Friend -

I wrote this book with the intention of having a sweet conversation with friends about the most critical subject in this life - Truth.

Truth is so powerful that it has been said - if even whispered, it could be heard over the shouts of fools. There’s truth and then there is everything else. Truth is the most precious commodity in existence, but how do we know truth - where do we find “the Truth” - for it’s the Truth that will set us free! Free from what? Free from everything that is untrue and keeping us from the truth.
Living in the information age, we need to know how to filter and process all the data that comes our way. We need to find reliable sources we can trust that will enlighten our minds and hearts to the true essence of life.

Every day God finds a new way to ask us the same question - do you trust Me? We constantly search for meaning and purpose to make sense of this life. The only thing constant in society is that it’s constantly changing. There is nothing in this temporal world or life we’re living in that will last forever. Our hearts long for utopia, and we constantly search for it in all sorts of different ways. Everything on this earth is temporal, changing, and imperfect. Only God is eternal, unchanging, and perfect. He alone can eternally satisfy every desire of our hearts.

This book is offered to all at no cost - download complete pdf at the website below and the complete audiobook is loaded on both YouTube and Rumble. Type in:
“eternal investments trus mei” at either site and you be able to listen to the complete audiobook.

the website for the book download (no email, credit card, sign-up - just download and share with all - there’s even a “church flyer” you can have your church show during announcements to share this great resource!)


For such a time as this, where we are being inundated with information, we need to be able to discern truth. Jesus is the way and the truth and the life. The truth will set us free. Through the person and work of Jesus Christ, we are redeemed from sin and death and reconciled to the Father.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

“Trust God for who He is and His Word for what It is!”

I truly hope and pray our “conversation” blesses you and draws you to the Truth… b


trusting God for who He is and relying on His Word for what it is can bring profound peace, guidance, and assurance. As you continue to trust in His character, wisdom, and faithfulness, your relationship with Him will deepen, and you will experience the abundant life He has promised.

May your trust in God and His Word be unwavering, leading you to a deeper intimacy and a life filled with His presence and purpose.

May you trust in God for who He is and His Word for what it is. May your faith in Him deepen, and may you experience the blessings and guidance that come from wholeheartedly trusting in the Lord.