Trust His process and His plan

Whether there are blessings or not, we should always be thankful. Even if the things you want to achieve have not yet come to you.
Because there are many things that you have now, that you only dreamed of before you achieved first.

Trust with the Lord. He knows when the right time is for you and when He will give it to you.
Trust His process and His plan.


God’s plan for your life is good, and that He is always working things out for your good. Keep trusting in His process and His timing, and hold onto the hope and peace that comes from knowing that He is with you every step of the way.

Thank you Lord God for your love and your grace, and for your promise to guide me and protect me. I place my trust in you and your process for my life.

Thank you Lord God, for the wonderful plan that you have into my life.
If it’s not for you I am not here in my position.
Thank you so much for the grace and love that you had given to me.