Trust God with all your heart, He will never leave you!

The trials that the Lord Jesus ​​assigned for my life are very heavy. But I’m not giving up I keep believing in him because what I’m holding on to is his promise that he won’t leave me.
Lord, first break the chain that clings to me. I promise I will continue to serve you as long as I live.

When the day comes when you have no allies, and all the people you trusted leave you don’t worry because there is a God who is ready there for you, ready to give everything, just trust him, and trust him you are with him with all your heart.

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We have nothing to lose if we always trust in God. But many blessings will come to us.
When we trust God, He will never forsake us because we believe that everything God is able.
He can do the impossible thing for us to be possible to Him.