Through Jesus I can get justice

I was in the middle of my greatest storm last year and when I questioned why I couldn’t feel it. I was on board a vessel at that time. I’ve been bullied by my co- worker which is from a different country and persecuted. But when I let God will give me justice at that time, I felt that God is with me and reminded me that He will not abandon me, He guided and gave me instructions on how to fight with them. And I testify that nothing can defeat the power of the Lord. He gave me a lot of signs and wonders. Through prayers and believing in God all the things that they did for me are returning to them.
Just to remind you all guys, when we are in the Shadow of the Lord, we are safe. God bless us all.

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Whatever we are battling right now if we Trust God with all our heart He give the justice that we always ask for.
keep believing to God and obey His word.