There's nothing scary when our eyes are on God

In the presence of God, fear fades away like shadows before the sun. When you focus your eyes on Him, you’ll find that there’s nothing to be truly afraid of. His love, strength, and guidance are a shield against fear and doubt. Challenges may come, but with God as your anchor, you can face them with courage and grace.

Keep your eyes on Him, for in His light, you’ll see that fear is nothing more than an illusion. Your faith in Him will dispel every worry and bring you a peace that surpasses all understanding. So, remember that there’s nothing scary when your eyes are on God.


With your eyes on God, you can walk through life’s challenges with confidence, knowing that you are never alone and that His love will carry you through every storm.
There is nothing to fear when you are in the embrace of His boundless love and grace.

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In times of fear or uncertainty, remember to turn your gaze towards God. His love and protection can provide comfort and strength, helping you overcome any fear or challenge that may come your way. Your faith in Him is a source of encouragement and assurance.