The greatness and goodness of God in my life

God is good! To someone like me who was once a wild sheep, My life has no direction but when the Lord found me and I recognized Him in my life, I can’t explain the miracles He does every day in my life, and even though there are times that I make mistakes and sin against him.
He is always there to call me and bring me back to His presence.
There is no comparison to the Lord’s love for us, so even if it is hard to fight, I will continue to fight because God has fought for me from the beginning, even though I was there at the time of sickness continues I still experiencing the greatness and goodness of God in my life, He is the God of miracles and I will still trust in him🙏
Thank you, Lord Jesus.


This is great!
Although we have a different experiences in this life. God has a reason for that, a reason that we get some lessons from that mistakes that we need to change.
May you keep believing in God.