The Goodness of God

My sister is a young lady, 18 years old. She got pregnant when she was 16 years old. Her baby’s father didn’t want to accept the pregnancy because he had another woman he cheated on her. That time, I pity her, seeing her fall to her knees and cry out to God. All nine months were hell for her. She had no rest because she would cry all the time. After nine months, God never fails, and as soon as the father of her child sees the baby, his heart melts, and he is so in love with his son.
God saved my sister from shame; please be encouraged. Whenever you face trials
always seek our God, for he is always with us all the time.


God bless you, and to your sister, Nothing is impossible with God. The love of the lord has no end since we are his children. I am thankful for his Goodness.