The goodness and love of God

I’ve been in a rehabilitation center for almost 6 months due to my drug addiction before.
With the help of my family and friends, I am healed, especially to the person who took care of me during my rehabilitation. I thought at that time that I am hopeless because of my addiction.

I know I had a lot of mistakes with my family but they never leave me on my darkest day.
They are there to encourage me despite all the sins that I had done before.
I am grateful to them for not giving up on me.
Now I am fully cured and I learned to get closer to God because of that.
I am now one of the influencers of those people like me before.
I am happy because God will always guide me during this journey.


The Love and goodness of our God have no end as long as we believe and trust him.
Our god is just there to guide us, he is just there waiting for us so that we can ask for his forgiveness and get closer to Him.

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That’s how God works in our lives.
May you continue to believe and Trust God in your life and also serve Him.
God bless Michael and your family.

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Even if the friends that you chose left you, your family will remain ready to accept you no matter what you are, so let’s value our family while they are still here in the world.