The Dundee Award

Recently, my family and I were in a gift shop in a neighboring town when I stumbled across a fake Dundee Award. For those of you familiar with The Office television program, you realize that the Dundee Award was presented to employees for their achievements in selling office supplies in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area.

So, feeling a bit clever, I took a selfie photo of myself holding up the fake Dundee Award. I then posted it to my Facebook page with the caption, “I am honored and thrilled to be the recipient of this year’s Dundee Award.” My belief was that it would make people laugh and they would understand and “be in” on the joke.

I guess I overestimated people’s knowledge of The Office. While many people understood my attempt at humor, many others actually thought I had won the award. I began to receive congratulatory remarks for my “achievement”. Even my 83-year-old uncle told me how proud he was of me. Yikes!

This brings me to my question. Should I let the people on my post know that it is a fake award and I was only making a joke? Or, should I just let it be and accept the accolades? I must confess it makes me feel good!

Your thoughts?

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