The Crossmap Podcast

Consider this a shameless plug for my podcast, The Crossmap Podcast. It features inspiring heart-to-heart conversations with Christian newsmakers of the day including authors, experts, pastors, and entertainers on topics that are good for the entire family while honoring your faith-based values. I engage my guests in thought-provoking but light-hearted banter on subjects that shape and influence our culture through the lens of faith. Gain valuable insight on how to live a meaningful Christian life and experience laughs along the way too! The Crossmap Podcast is part of the Edifi Podcast Network. Here’s a link!

Here’s a sampling of some of my recent guests:

Colton Dixon
Jerry B. Jenkins
Chad Veach
Tauren Wells
Kirk Cameron
The Skit Guys
Lee Strobel

We have some great guests in coming weeks including Alex & Stephen Kendrick, the Newsboys, Bill Gaither, and more!