Thankful for my brother for always there

My brother helped me when I decided to move out and live in my apartment near my workplace. I never expected him to help to clean my apartment sincewe are always fighting with each other. I am grateful for his to understand me and for forgiving me for all the things that I’ve done for him.

Even though we are always with each I love him so much. I know he also feels that way. He was always there to help me whenever I needed help and also comfort me. Especially in my finances since I only started my work. He gave me an allowance every week for my expenses.
I am thankful to God for giving me a loving and generous brother.

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God bless you and your brother. May the Lord will provide him with strength and guide him always wherever he goes, protecting him against harm and danger. May the Lord will always bless him with good health.
You are so blessed that you have a brother like him, How I wish that I have another sibling since I am the only child.

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Thank you so much @cayla_elinor .
God bless you!