Thank you Lord God for not abandoning us

Lord thank you for always being nice to me even though there are times that I am lukewarm toward you but you never leave me in everything that happens in my life, thank you for your tireless love and endless guidance for me, thank you. I know you won’t leave me even if everyone leaves me.

Thank you So much Lord God from then until now you have never abandoned me and my family, Thank you Lord even though I went through the hardest part of life you raise me.
Thank you for everything, Lord.


Thank you so much, Lord, for everything that I have right now. I am nothing if it’s not for you.
Thank you so much for the grace that you had given to us.
Thank you for the unfailing love that had given to us.

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Despite my lack of our lord and the sins I have committed against him, he is there to correct the wrongs I have committed.

He is there to remind me that everything I have done is wrong and that I need to repent.
He is there to forgive me and accept me.

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