Thank you Lord God for guiding me and you goodness

Thank you Our LORD. Because no matter what we do, You are not abandoning us.
Thank you that every time I pray, I feel that you answer my prayers. Especially now that I’m away from my family. It’s very difficult but you guide me to overcome my homesick, and you give me the strength that I need every day.

Thank you very much. Because I can’t even see you. I can feel your presence. You are our great FATHER. And I am very grateful because I met you. I appreciate even the smallest things that you’ve given to us.
All thanks to you Lord God.

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I also thank God for His mercy and grace for my family.
I know we are not a perfect family but God never abandoned us despite all the misunderstandings we choose to stick together.
We can’t do that if it’s not the will of God.
Thank you so much, Lord God.