Thank you Lord God for being my companion

Thank you, Lord You are the only God I will worship always in my heart because of the love the grace that you had given to us, we are grateful to you Lord God.
Thank you, Lord, for being my guide every day.

Thank you, Lord.
You are always my companion even though I can’t see you but I feel your presence with me Oh Lord God. You are worthy of our praise Oh Lord. Lord, because you are worthy, you are precious to me because I am also precious in your loving eyes oh Lord!


Amen! At all times, only our Lord God has stayed with us in happiness and sadness, he is there to accompany us.
Let’s all be grateful to God for His presence and for the blessings that we receive every day.

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Thank you Lord God for being there with us.
Even we are sinful you still there to remind us that you are waiting for us to return to you.
Thank you for the love that you had given to us.