Thank you Lord for not allowing me become a slave in worldly things

I also became a slave in worldly things before, I am in debt, I thought that will make us happy and full of material things, but I am wrong it leads us to the wrong path.
I learned a lot from that situation, I learned how to save and manage my finances. I thank God because I learned how to fix my problem before it’s getting late.

I thank the Lord Jesus, he has released me from imprisonment. When I accepted the retreat and the salvation that God gave me.
Thank you Lord, God.


Dear God,
I am thankful for your wisdom and guidance that have helped me prioritize my spiritual well-being and the things that are truly important in life, such as love, compassion, faith, and service to others. You have helped me see beyond the temporary of worldly things and recognize the eternal value of spiritual treasures.

Lord, I pray that you continue to guide me and strengthen me in my journey of faith, helping me stay true to my beliefs and not be swayed by the temptations of the world. Help me maintain a balanced perspective and not be enslaved by the pursuit of material possessions or worldly success.

I am grateful for your blessings in my life and I commit to using them for the greater good and in accordance with your will. Thank you for your unwavering love and grace, and for helping me find meaning and purpose beyond the transient nature of worldly things. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for helping me to resist the temptations of materialism and the allure of worldly pleasures. I am grateful for your guidance in helping me focus on the eternal and the spiritual, rather than being enslaved by the temporary and the superficial.

Lord, continue to guide me and help me keep my heart and mind fixed on you. Give me the strength to resist worldly distractions and to walk in alignment with your will. Thank you for your faithfulness and grace in my life.