Thank you Lord for not abandoning me

Good morning Father God, thank you very much for the new morning and new life you have given us, thank you for guiding us through the past night, giving us strong and firm faith so that we can avoid all the evil in this world and may peace and goodness reign, may all the sick will be healed.

Lord, Thank you very much, and Forgive me for all the sins I have committed. In Jesus’ Name, I prayed. Amen!


Thank you, Lord, for always reminding me that you are with me no matter what happens.
You reminded me that I should trust in you no matter what happens to us.
Thank you for always touching my heart when I feel like I don’t feel your presence anymore.
Thank you so much!

Hi stephen.hope name is Alan."God loves you with a everlasting love.he will never leave you nor forsake you keep trusting him.roms8v28.he will work everything out for you.also will guide you and direct you.psl32v8.isaiah48v17.also supply your he has aplan for you and it’s agoodone.jeremiah29v11."gbless.alan

Hello Stephen. Good day!
Thank you Lord God for the wonderful gift that you give to us and that’s our life.
Thank you that you let us live in this wonderful world.
Thank you for all things that you created for us.