Thank you Lord for every strength, support and mercy on me

Lord, have mercy on my situation. Even though we are at the point of our life’s struggles you are there to support us.
Please forgive me, dear lord, you are the only one who becomes my support. Even you know that I’m hopeless and discouraged. You are always close to me.

Thank you for every strength, thank you for the life that you’ve given to me, thank you for every day that you come into our life.
I’m crying because I’m having a hard time but I know you are there to help me to handle it because You won’t leave me alone.
Thank you, Lord. :pray::pray:

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Praying for you Reyes, keep praying to God, I know someday everything will be alright.
God is with you, to comfort and lift you up when you are down.
Keep trusting God.