Thank you for your help

I was in hurry earlier to get here to my workplace since I woke up late this morning.
I forgot to check if my car tire if it is good.
Unexpectedly I met a minor accident in the middle of the road.
My car tire is flat.

To the person who is helping me earlier, I forgot to use your name since I am in hurry to my workplace.
Thank you so much for helping me when my car tire is flat.
You help without any hesitation. You are a kindhearted person.
May the Lord will shower His blessings on you and give you good health.


May the Lord God will bless that person with good health and also guide and protect him always as he has a kind heart.
God bless you and the person who’s helping you.

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God is with you!
Always remember that wherever we go God is with us. He is always there to help us.