Thank you for answering our prayer Lord

Lord, thank you. You heard my prayer.
I don’t have the power and I’m not like you, so all I need to do is pray. . Thank you for answering my prayer because I was happy, you lighten my heart and make me smile.
You are a good God and my true friend.

Thank you, Lord, for every trial in my life I know that you are always there for me.
Give me light Lord if I have sinned against you please forgive me.
You are my hope in life​:cry: you are the best in my life my Lord​:cry::cry:

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Lord, Thank you for the healing that you provide for my mother.
I’ve prayed for you all the time.
Earlier the doctor says that she doesn’t need to take her medicine since her illness is already disappeared.
We are happy about that good news.
Thank you so much, Lord God.